31 October 2007

Poll - October 2007

"Faith Alone" implies that in the Christian life, good works are (a) optional; (b) desirable; (c) necessary.
  • Optional (46) 40%

  • Desirable (32) 27%

  • Necessary (27) 32%
Total votes: 115. Poll closed.

Comments: Protestants teach that a sinner is justified by faith alone and not on account of personal good works. The believer is justified because God takes away his sins, and credits the righteousness of Christ to his account.

But "Faith alone" is often misunderstood and slandered by friends and foes alike.

Since good works are excluded as the cause of justification, some people wrongly assume that there is no logical place for good works in the life of the justified. Nothing can be further from the truth! May I invite you to read the following two Q&A's that clarify what "Sola fide" is, and what it is not!