18 June 2008

Open Invitation for an Debate on Sola Scriptura

[To Catholic apologist, John Martignoni]


I would like to invite you for a written debate on your objections to Sola Scriptura.

Some of your readers sent copies of your two sets of questions on epistemology. My answers were brief; the subject merits a more in-dept discussion. A debate will serve as a level playing field for both of us to present and defend our views.

I propose the following conditions:

1. Title: Objections to Sola Scriptura
2. Four rounds, starting with your introduction (presenting your objections), followed by my response, and three other rounds, i.e. 1. John – Joe; 2. John – Joe; etc.
3. Maximum 600 words per round.
4. Maximum 1 week to respond to each round.
5. Contributions are simultaneously posted on both our websites.
6. The debate may be advertised, but no additional comments can be made on our websites or newsletters during the course of the debate.
7. The debate in its entirety and without additional comments shall be posted on our sites for at least one year after its completion.

John I assure you that I’m not interested in an ad hominem confrontation, nor am I eager to defend myself. My purpose is to promote the sufficiency of Scripture for our salvation through faith in Christ Jesus; my motive is the love of the Bible, the Church, and all Catholic people.

I hope that you accept my invitation.