31 August 2008

Poll - August 2008

Where does saving faith come from?

  • Ourselves 4 (8%)

  • God 43 (91%)
Total votes: 47. Poll closed.

Comments: The Bible teaches that faith is a gift of God. In the Sept Gospel e-Letter, I wrote: The apostle Paul reminded Christians that they have been saved 'by grace through faith' as a gift of God and not of ourselves; he insisted that faith comes from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ (Ephesians 2:8,9; 6:23). The apostle Peter also said that Christians have received faith through Jesus Christ (2 Peter 1:1). Elsewhere, Christians are described as those 'who by grace have believed' (Acts 18:27) and that they have been 'granted' to believe in Christ (Philippians 1:29).