1 February 2015

Who’s Going To Heaven?

What do you think about the following three professing Christians? Let us call them Abe, Ben and Carl. Who is in a saving relationship with the Lord? Who is on the road to heaven?
  • All three believe in the Lord Jesus and the principal truths of the Christian faith, including the doctrines listed in the Apostle’s Creed; they also believe the promises of salvation written in the Bible.
  • Abe and Ben are baptised, attend church and pray regularly. Both of them are zealous for good works, and try to avoid sin, though they admit that sometimes they fail. Abe is motivated by love and gratitude to God for his grace and salvation. Ben also thanks God for his goodness, and additionally, he is also motivated to do good works to merit more graces and eternal life.
  • Carl prayed to receive Christ as Saviour. He is not baptised, does not attend church regularly and has not yet submitted to Christ as Lord. His life has not changed since he was born again. He trusts in the finished work of Christ on the cross. Carl is convinced that salvation is by faith alone. 
What do you think about Abe, Ben and Carl: who (one or more) is on the way to heaven?

Poll results (February 2015)

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(Gospel e-Letter - February 2015)