1 April 2017

God’s Pulpit

The cross is God’s pulpit. From Calvary the Lord God speaks loudly and clearly to all humanity.

By the cross God warns us about the seriousness of sin. Its consequences are appalling and fatal. If God did not spare his Beloved Son, most certainly no sinner will escape his wrath and condemnation on the day of judgement. Let us not mistake the clear warning of the cross: the wages of sin is death.

By the cross God announces his love and mercy to sinners. He who died on the cross was sent by God himself to make amends on behalf of sinners, to die as their substitute. Jesus had no personal sin whatsoever. On Calvary he took upon himself the sins of his people, and suffered and died to deliver them from the penalty that was due to them.

By the cross God proclaims his good news to the world. Christ is no longer hanging on the cross. On the third day Jesus arose from the grave. His sacrifice was accepted by the Father. The cross has become the way of reconciliation and forgiveness to all people. Christ is alive and exalted to the highest heaven. He is able to save completely all those who come to God by faith in him.

My friend, hear God’s warning and take heed. Welcome his invitation and trust your salvation to Jesus Christ, the Lord of all. Then hear from God’s pulpit the sweet declaration, “I have loved you with an everlasting love, therefore I have drawn you with lovingkindness” (Jeremiah 31:3).

(Gospel e-Letter - April 2017).