1 April 2018

Leah: A Witness to the Infinite Worth of Christ

This February more than one hundred girls were abducted from their school in Nigeria by a terrorist Islamist group, Boko Haram.

One of the girls is Leah Sharibu. She is 15 years old. Leah loves biology and wants to become a doctor.

After more than a month of negotiations, the girls were finally freed and returned to their town. There were joy and jubilation as the girls reunited with their families. Rebecca, Leah’s mum, search frantically for her. She was not with them.

Rebecca learned from Leah’s friends what had happened. The terrorists wanted Leah to convert to Islam. She, being a Christian, refused to deny her faith in Christ. Her friends, who are all Muslims, begged her to just pretend to change her religion. She was not willing to deny Christ, not even for a minute, to secure her liberty.

I admire this young woman for her courage and loyalty to Christ. I pray for her freedom and safe return to her family. Most of all, Leah shows the infinite value and beauty of Christ. Leah is willing to lose her life but she would not let go of him. Certainly, he who died for her will never leave her.

Friend, is Christ precious to you? Do you desire him with all your heart?

* * *

Let us pray for Leah, our sister in Christ,
for her safe return to her family.

(Gospel e-Letter - April 2018)