28 August 2009

Opinion Poll - August 2009

The Church is ...

  • Visible 15 (17%)
  • Invisible 13 (15%)
  • Both 58 (67%)
Total votes: 86. Poll closed.


The theological terms 'visible' and 'invisible' are rather confusing, but they point out an important distinction. The church, composed of all true believer, is only known to the Lord (and as such, it is invisible to us); yet his people are manifest in this world in visible congregations, though the latter may be an admixture of true and false believers. The church is both invisible and visible. All Christians ought to be members in visible local congregations, but some Christians are outside the visible organisation, whereas some false brethren are within. Augustine said of the visible church, 'Many sheep are without, and many wolves are within.'