1 January 2010

Two Destinies

(Gospel e-Letter - January 2010)

One of two destinies await each one of us -
Death or eternal life.

The Bible says,
“The wages of sin is death,
but the gift of God is eternal life
in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

The ultimate payment for sin is death.
We earned death by our sinful disobedience to God’s Law.
Yet God, who is rich in mercy, does not mete out the punishment deserved by his people,
But frees them from guilt for Christ’s sake.
He gives them what they do not deserve – eternal life.
To them who are united by faith in Christ Jesus,
God gives life as a gift, freely, gratis!
For Jesus, the sinless one, paid their debt by his own blood,
And by his perfect obedience
He merited for them eternal life.

Death is not a state of non-existence.
It is existence without purpose, without meaning, without joy.
Death is thirst without water.
Hunger without food.
Death is to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a short time
And endure the wrath of God forever.
Death is the soul in solitude and darkness,
The heart devoid of love,
Separated from God.
Death is hell.

Death is the cross of Calvary.
Death is the corpse lying in a grave.
Life is the empty tomb,
The throne in glory.
Life is Jesus.

Life is the heart overflowing with love,
The joy of walking with Christ,
Of suffering for a moment for righteousness sake,
Feeding on the Bread from heaven,
Drinking the living water of the Spirit.
Life is heaven,
Face to face with God
Enjoying and praising him for eternity.