27 May 2010

Opinion Poll - May 2010

Is it necessary to renew the sacrifice of Christ?
  • Yes 14 (26%)
  • No 38 (71%)
  • Don't know 1 (1%)
Total votes: 53. Poll closed.


The Roman Catholic Church, of course, says yes, the sacrifice of Christ is "daily renewed" in the Mass; the “the work of our redemption is carried on"; Christ "daily offers Himself upon our altars for our redemption." (Catechism of the Council of Trent; Vatican II, Dogmatic Constitution on the Church; Mediator Dei, Pius XII).

The Bible, however, speaks of a finished, once-for-all, sacrifice of Christ on the cross, with Christ sitting at the right hand of Majesty, having accomplished our redemption.

The Bible repeats over and over again that Christ offered His sacrifice "once" and "once for all." He "does not need daily to offer up sacrifices." He is in heaven "not that He should offer Himself often." Today "there is no longer an offering for sin." His purpose was achieved: by His once-for-all sacrifice, He "put away sin" and thus He "sanctified" and "perfected forever" His people.