1 August 2016

The hour of our death

We don’t know when, but a time will come when we have to depart from this world. At that hour nothing but one thing is essential.

It will not matter how much wealth and possessions we had accumulated. We will leave all behind us. We must let go of everything - even our loved ones. With tears and sorrow we have to say our final goodbyes. Not even our health will matter anymore. Our bodies will crumble and fall.

Only one thing matters: our soul! For in the momentous hour our spirit will leave to meet our Maker. That hours marks the beginning of eternal bliss or everlasting woe.

Our eternal destiny depends solely on our relationship to God during this life. We must make a fundamental choice. Either we trust in God completely or we do not trust him at all. We cannot entrust our souls to anyone else. He alone is worthy of our wholehearted trust, confidence, obedience and adoration. He alone sent his beloved Son to reconcile us to himself, to forgive us all our sins, and to bring us to himself in glory.

The righteous live by faith in God. There is no other way to live. There righteous die by faith. They trust the Lord to take them home. At the hour of his death, the first Christian martyr, Stephen, called upon the name of his Saviour, “Lord Jesus, receive my spirit.” He is now in heaven enjoying the sweet fellowship with his faithful Redeemer in whom he had trusted.

Do you entrust your soul to Christ now? Whose name will you call in that final hour?

(Gospel e-Letter - August 2016)